Dear Bonnie,
I am so grateful for your program. I was able to attend your seminar because of the reasonable price. Anyone who has researched energy healing programs knows that yours is a bargain! I feel that the money I paid to learn your program was an investment in my health and future. I am so happy and amazed at what can be accomplished with the knowledge I learned from you and Mark. My health and outlook on life is so much better because of your work. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!

I’m a huge fan of the Complete Energy Balancing Program and love to spread the word about this amazing method of healing our bodies.  I took this course in August of 2011 and to date this has been the most effective, simple and quick method I’ve ever seen.  It is even more effective than Dr. Brad Nelson’s work ….”The Emotion Code” and I was a huge fan of that method until I found this one.  I know and believe HIS work is great but this is so much faster and simpler than anything I’ve been exposed to thus far.  I’ve taken it a few times over the last year because I love learning all the “new ” information and research.

I have been interested in natural medicine and alternative methods of healing the body for many years and have loved how herbs and essential oils can accomplish this.  I also feel strongly that when those do not work, there are other components that need to be considered/addressed to heal as well.  This work also fits nicely with any other modality you might already be doing but will assist you even further, getting faster and better results.

I feel that most people don’t have a lot of time nor money to spend on getting well and feeling better and I strongly believe that pharmaceuticals only “mask” symptoms.  I’ve been exposed to many, many modalities of alternative healing in the last 20 years and this, by far, exceeds anything else I’ve seen.  Most are so complicated, create more confusion and take hours in sessions that drain the pocketbook.

I believe there will come a time where we cannot get to doctor’s or get access to supplements and it would behoove us to learn other methods of healing ourselves and our loved ones. You will save so much money in supplements that your expense for the course/DVD’s will be recouped in a short amount of time.  I highly recommend the Complete Energy Balancing Program to anyone interested in healing themselves and their loved ones at an affordable cost. I feel it can assist the average person in taking responsibility for their own health issues and concerns.

Terri F.

Your course is amazing. The price is very reasonable. I have saved hundreds of dollars in chiropractic and medical bills. I researched a local class in my area and it was over 2,000. The class was not even a close comparison to your comprehensive course.

In addition, I know of no other course in my area (New Mexico) that begins and ends with prayer. I really felt a special spirit emanating from both of you (and many of the people I interacted with). I too, took the course twice and I plan to take it yearly. I also love the informational e-mail updates. Thank you.

With Love and Gratitude,
Regina (and family – the benefactors of this course) 🙂

When I first took the Energy Balance Course, I came with no knowledge or expectations about the course. I can not tell you how amazed I was with the individuals Bonnie and Mark Shaw are as Teachers. They were very informative, factual and have a strength of character that brought a wonderful environment to learn from. The course itself, speaks for itself! Within a very short few days, I was pain free from a car accident injury that I suffered from for the last 2 yrs, just like that. It was a “Wow” moment for me. That was when I really started to listen and gain an understanding of just how energy in your body can be interrupted and cause pain and disease. As you bring science and the energy of the earth, life and creation together you have an amazing understanding of how this modality can heal and strengthen your own self and others. All are connected and Our Father in Heaven made and created everything to work perfectly and to heal just as perfectly, as we realize how this is divine energy . . . this becomes a pure and absolute truth in Energy work.

Love it!
Leslie Jo Potter, Canada


Today something wonderful happened and I wanted to share it with you.  I have been having a pain in my muscle between my left shoulder blade and the vertebrae. I keep working on the vertebrae and have had some relief but not complete relief and had to keep re-doing the work. Today I found an anatomy chart online and started pointing at individual muscles on the chart, then muscle tested to see if that was the muscle that has the challenge.  When I got a positive answer I used the MILD chart to locate the challenge, then released and moved on…after about 5 muscles I was finished.  It took a few minutes, maybe 5, until I started to notice a definite difference. If I had gone to the Chiropractor I would have gotten the same result as I did when I was working only the vertebrae.  I saved myself $50 or $60 dollars and missed no time from work just by working on myself. I have been on the computer (which was really aggravating the problem) working all day and I feel pretty good.  I still feel some inflammation so when I get home I will do some further work. The fact is, I would have been miserable all day if I had not been able to do this work, while sitting at my desk at work and it only took about 5 minutes. Your class has helped me, my family and clients in so many ways.  The money, time and effort to come to your class was worth more than the money I paid.  Thank you for making this possible through all your suffering and pain you have helped so many people in far reaching ways.  Thanks to Mark also, who has been on this journey with you every step of the way.

Take care,
Maureen – Utah


The Heavens are truly open.  I’ve found that many people are doing energy work but they are not all getting their answers from God.  Satan also has powers. I prayed for a group of people that are receiving  answers from God.  People that are pure in heart with good intentions.  I was sent to Bonnie & Mark Shaw.  I was not disappointed.  I also found that we are also at different levels  of learning and skill. We have to learn line upon line and not get discouraged, repent daily and move forward in service of the Lord.  Just as a baby crawls first and then he walks it is very exciting.  If I get discouraged, I am reminded where I am in the scheme of things.  I am where I’m supposed to be.  I also have met amazing people who are so willing to help me move forward.
Sincerely,  Jeanne Welch – Utah


I haven’t seen my chiropractor for 3 months, which is very
unusual for me.  You (Bonnie) and Mark gave me a wonderful balance on my back in one
of my sessions, and I could definitely feel a dramatic positive change in my
back.  I had tripped over the front step in our house about 2 weeks ago and
jarred my back, and I felt I needed to see my chiropractor to check me out because I knew I
had done something to it at that time.  My Chiropractor was flabbergasted to say the
least at the wonderful overall improvement since my last visit.  I told him
I had taken the same Energy Balancing course his Mom and Dad took in Feb,
and that you had given me a wonderful balance on my back.  He was really
taken back.  He said to me, “I don’t care what you do to take care of
yourself, but whatever they did, it has made a world of difference!!”
I really had to let you know about this experience today.

Maureen – Canada